Asian Continent #1


“The world is heaven and heaven is the world. This is the beginning of understanding.”

From Some Gleanings of Oriental Wisdom

by CF Wong

CF is a feng shui  master and  amateur detective who has the fortune or misfortune of having a young Australian sidekick or apprentice , Joyce.

Mr. Wong has called together his associates because he has been given an assignment that would take him to several different locations in a world tour such as Australia, India and Thailand to evaluate the suitability of several rooms and locations with regard problems that have arisen in the past and in order to prevent problems in the future.

The art of feng shui maximizes good ch’i, which is the force of life. Joyce Mcquinnie has been studying and trying all she can to try to help Mr. Wong in his work. The main problem is that she speaks English and he speaks English but he hardly understands a word she says. If she says, “ It’s a piece of cake” he assumes she is hungry.


This is not a problem because although Mr. Wong is very thin he loves to eat. The varieties of foods described in this volume are an adventure in themselves.


This leads to wonderfully entertaining misunderstandings. In these cases things like wild white tigers, dead fish and kidnappings are centerpieces of exotic adventures that teach as well as amuse.

C. F. Wong says at the end

Enjoy the journey, for the journey is the end and the end is the journey.


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