Australasia post #1

FORBIDDEN FRUIT  by Kerry Greenwood

This is the fifth in a series featuring Melbourne baker Corinna  Chapman. Corinna gave up her job in the city for a chance to be her own boss. The hours are long and hard but she works with people she and the readers enjoy quite a bit. There is reformed teenage junkie and muffin maker par excellance Jason, two young wannabe actresses who are next door to anorexic, Daniel the hunky significant other and a deep and well built cast of characters who live in the building adjacent to the bakery. This is where Corinna lives also.

There is a very nice sense of time and place. So much so that you would not mind dropping in for a visit. This particular story takes place in December prior tothe Christmas holidays. The christmas shopping is frantic in the heat and tempers are frayed in all the hustle and bustle. Amongst all this normalcy and carol singing is hiding a sinister religious cult and a vengeful vegan cult with a mission. There are two teenage runaways, one who is large with child , whose time is near  and we don’t know what mode of transportation she is using. It does not appear to be a donkey although there is one in the story.


This is enjoyable book over all.


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